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General Questions

Are you Organic? Gluten Free? Dairy Free? Vegan? Non-GMO?

All of the above! Our juices and nut milks are cold-pressed and organic*, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, non-GMO, and never heat pasteurized. We use only whole, fresh fruits and vegetables and nuts in our products: nothing pre-processed, and nothing pre-frozen. We use no fillers, additives or preservatives. Simply, the best juices on the planet!

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Are you Kosher?

We follow all Kosher principles and are in the process of obtaining Kosher certification.

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What is GMO?

Vital is 100% non-GMO. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism and refers to any fruit or vegetable that has had its DNA modified with another organism's DNA. It can be DNA from another type of produce, or from an animal or bacteria. US law does not require foods to disclose if they have been genetically modified. The only way to be certain your food does not contain GMOs is to look for Non-GMO project verification seal on a product. The seal is proudly displayed on ALL of our products!

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How long does your juice stay fresh?

Thanks to the brilliance of HPP, depending on the flavor, our juice lasts between 21 and 40 days. After opening, drink within 3 days (we think you will want to drink it much faster than that!). And keep cold at all times.

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What is HPP?

HPP (High Pressure Processing) is a safe, FDA-approved alternative to the heat pasteurization many juice companies use.

After the juice is pressed, bottled and sealed it goes into a cold water bath where thousands of pounds of pressure are exerted on the bottle. This high amount of pressure short circuits the ability for harmful microorganisms to grow while the nutrients remain intact. 

HPP is superior to heat pasteurization because it does not alter the flavor or the nutrient content of the juice.

Our use of HPP allows us to bring you safe, delicious and nutrient-dense juice.

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What does 'cold-pressed' mean?

'Cold-press' refers to the type of juicer we use to extract the juice from our produce. Our cold-press hydraulic juicer yields a more nutrient dense juice than traditional at-home or juice bar juicers.

Our juicer uses a two step process to slowly grind then press our produce. This process does not introduce any heat and very little oxygen (two things that kill nutrients and enzymes). Our juicer also yields more juice from the produce and more juice equals more nutrition.

Most at home juicers are 'centrifugal juicers'- they use centrifugal force to grind and spin the juice out of the produce. This method introduces more heat and more oxygen, and yields less juice.
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How do you differ from other cold-pressed raw juice companies?

1. We only use Real, Whole, and Fresh Foods. We don't mess with what Mother Nature has perfected. We make our delicious and nutritious juices with nothing but fresh fruits and vegetables. We never use purees, concentrates, powders, reconstituted product, additives, preservatives, pre-processed or pre-juiced produce. We do not add water, artificial or added sugars to our juices.

Our nut milk contains nothing but almonds, filtered water, dates and vanilla beans. We do not add any sweeteners or flavorings.  

2. We taste better. Try it...we think you'll agree.

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Are you environmentally friendly?

Absolutely! We consider the environment in every step of our process.

Our model of having multiple juiceries around the country greatly decreases our carbon footprint. Instead of shipping juice across the country and wasting fossil fuel, we make the juice close to our customers and get it to you faster - for the freshest possible juice.

We use the most recyclable form of plastic, PETE 1 for our bottles and are bottles are BPA free.

We work with local farms to compost the pulp left behind from our juicers. Nothing is wasted.

Our staff uniforms are made from recycled PETE 1 bottles, too!

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Why drink juice? Why can't I just eat fruits and vegetables?

It's still a good idea to eat whole fruits and vegetables, whenever you can! But drinking cold-pressed juice is the easiest, fastest, and most convenient way to increase your daily intake of fruits and veggies. Consider this: one bottle of juice contains several pounds of produce; it would take all day to eat the equivalent amount of produce in just one bottle of Vital Juice!

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Why is there sugar in your juice?

The sugar in our juice is strictly the naturally occurring sugar present in fruits and vegetables. We do not add any sugar or artificial sweeteners to our juices. Naturally occurring sugars in fruits and vegetables are not the health enemy, ADDED sugars are. You will also find that our juices are some of the lowest sugar juices available.

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What makes your coconut water unique?

It's the purest...and the best. Absolutely nothing is added to our coconut water- no sugars, no water- nothing but young Thai coconut. One sip...and you'll know why we do it this way.

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Where can I buy Vital Juice? Do you ship nationally?

Satisfy your Vital Juice craving by purchasing directly on vitaljuice.com. Or, check out our store locator.

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Juice Cleansing

What is the "Vital Nutrition Pack"? How do I use it?

There are two uses for the Vital Nutrition Pack:

Supplement to a healthy diet. Add the juices into your regular diet to boost your nutrient intake. Eat your regular healthy meals but add a few juices each day as a meal or snack. Try the fruit and veggie based drinks as a snack and the almond and coconut milks as a light meal.

Juice cleanse. Drink nothing but our juices for a number of consecutive days. Each 10 pack of 10 oz juices equals 1 day of cleansing. You will consume 100 oz of liquid per day. For example, for a 3 day cleanse, order 3 "Vital Nutrition Packs". See below for more information about cleansing.

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How do I do a juice cleanse?

1. Prepare. For 2-3 days leading up to your cleanse, decrease the amount of added sugars, fried foods, starches, alcohol, caffeine and animal products you consume. Replace with more water, fruit, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and lean protein.

2. Drink the juices in the numbered order each day (numbers are labeled on the cap!). Start with Juice number 1, within 1 hour after you wake up. Drink sequentially, whenever you feel hungry. Finish your day with Juice 10. It works out to drinking a juice every 1-2 hours.

The order of the juices is as follows:

1. Green

2. Grapefruit*

3. Beet Almond

4. Carrot

5. Green Almond

6. Pineapple*

7. Green

8. Coconut Water

9. Beet

10. Almond

*Pending seasonal availability. Vital may provide a substitute citrus juice as necessary.

3. Have water and herbal tea between juices. Consider the juice your food, so you still need to drink water or decaffeinated herbal tea. Do not eat, drink coffee or other beverages. If you feel you absolutely have to eat something, go for raw veggies or ¼ avocado. But with a juice every 1-2 hours, most people don't feel the need to eat.

4. Post-cleanse. Give yourself a pat on the back! And no-doubt, you feel amazing. Sustain that post-cleanse glow by continuing to drink cold-pressed juice and eat veggies and fruits for the next few days. Slowly start to add back in lean proteins and carbohydrates. Keep the fried foods, simple starches, added sugars, caffeine and alcohol out of your diet as much as possible.

5. How long should I cleanse for?  We suggest 3-5 days. If it's your first time, start with 3 and work your way up to 5 days for subsequent cleanses.
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Will I be hungry on a juice cleanse?

Most people do not feel hungry on the cleanse. You are actually getting the nutrition your body needs from the juices and by the time hunger kicks in, you are ready for your next juice. If you do feel excessive hunger, have some water, have an extra juice or eat some raw veggies or ¼ avocado.

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Are there side effects?

Most people do not experience any side effects. Of those who do, the most common is a headache. The most likely reason for a headache is caffeine withdrawal. Have some water, if it doesn't go away have a cup of green or black tea or a ½ cup of black coffee. If you do experience any other side effects, contact us and stop the cleanse by going back to healthy eating.

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What benefits can I expect?

Our customers report having extra energy, sleeping better, glow-y skin, feeling more focused and a desire to keep eating healthy after the cleanse is over. It is a great jump start for a healthy eating plan.

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Ordering Online

Do you ship nationally?

How is the juice shipped?

We cold ship via Fedex in insulated boxes with icepacks.

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Can I track my order? When will I receive my juice?

You will receive your juice within 1-3 business days. Once your juice ships from our warehouse, you will receive a Fedex tracking number to track the date of your delivery. 

Juice ships out Mon-Thurs via Fedex Standard Overnight; deliveries are received Tuesday through Friday prior to 4pm.

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How much is delivery?

We charge $20 for up to 12 bottles shipped.

Total No.of Bottles Shipping Cost
6 to 12 $20
13 to 24 $40
25 to 36 $60
37 to 42 $80
43+ $100
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