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Juice for the Green

Posted by Vital Juice on May 28, 2014 | Leave a comment


Damon Ganem has been giving green juice to his sons Liam and Rowan since before the little guys could walk. They love the stuff. They’ve never known another way. Alas, unlike the sea of 7-Eleven Big Gulpers with fingertips layered in Doritos dust, Liam and Rowan have never held a negative opinion toward vegetables. It’s just what they drink.

When Ganem, who does the branding and creative work for Seattle-based Vital Juice, sent a few pictures of his sons slurping kale to Edward Balassanian, CEO of the juice company, an idea registered. Balassanian felt inspired. He summarized his reaction with a dictum that should probably be written on slips of paper and handed to every set of parents before they leave the hospital with a newborn.

“A lot of our inhibitions with children,” Balassanian said, “are ones that we’re imposing ourselves.”

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